Epsom Salt Vs Dead Sea Salt

Curative properties of mineral salts are being used for centuries. Long before commercial skin care and cosmetic products were available, mineral salts were used to cure various skin ailments. People used to travel across the globe, searching for spas that provide holistic healing. Dead Sea salt and Epsom Salt are universally known for healing action. Restorative powers of salt from these waters were known even before the period of Cleopatra. Even Cleopatra used to bathe in the healing waters of Dead Sea. Epsom salts come from the spa town in England. History of Epsom dates back to 16th century. There are plenty of restorative springs in Epsom, England that are used to procure Epsom salt.
Dead Sea salt can be had in various forms including lotions, creams, shampoos, soaps and scrubs. Grains of the salt can be either fine or coarse. However, Epsom salt can be taken in granular or tablet forms. These salts are further mixed with aromatic oil to enhance their cosmetic action. Salt coming from the nutrient rich Dead Sea is known to cure skin aging and various other skin ailments. The salt actually assists in rheumatoid conditions. Known as natural therapeutic cures, these salts have little or no side effects on the human body.
Epsom salts, on the other hand, can be used in short term. They can provide relaxation to the one with sore muscles. Epsom salts are known to soothe or relax the body to a great degree. These salts are also known to neutralize foul odor. Salts from both regions are known to heal the body in their own special ways. They take away the toxins from skin and provide useful minerals. These salty waters are rich in minerals such as sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium. Magnesium Sulfate is the most popular mineral found in Epsom salt.

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