Uses of Dead Sea Salt

Dead Sea salts are used for treating various medical conditions such as psoriasis and rheumatoid arthritis. These salts are now very popular for therapeutic baths. Long before the times of Cleopatra, healing properties of waters in this landlocked lake were known to the people. Minerals and salts present in Dead Sea water are quite different from regular sea water. In some respects, salt and mud from Dead Sea is considered to be much more helpful than Epsom salt, procured from Epsom, England.
This landlocked area is known to have the lowest elevation in the world. Extreme salinity is believed to be caused by the specific formation of landlocked body of water over thousands of years. The water from this lake is a combination of minerals such as magnesium, sodium chloride or table salt, calcium, bromide and sulfates. Only a small portion of salt in this lake water is actually table salt. Rest is comprised of minerals and different salty compounds. Salt and mud from this lake has been tested clinically and found to have restorative properties. Recently, CNN reported a clinic that was using salt form this inland lake and artificial UV rays to create an identical healing effect as experienced by people visiting this place.
The combination of various minerals present in the saline water has been found to relieve joint pain to a great degree. Magnesium and Calcium minerals in the water are known to prevent water fluid retention in the human body. Sodium minerals work on the immune system that has to fight against external intruders such as bacteria and virus. Presence of all these minerals and useful compounds make Dead Sea mud and water an excellent healing agent. For years, salt and mud from this sea has been used in holistic healing treatments across the world.

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