Diving in the Dead Sea

Dead Sea can provide you with extreme scuba experiences. People from across the globe visit this place to enjoy diving into saline water. Extremely dense water does not support marine life at all. That is the reason why it is known by this name. It’s the lowest point on earth making it an exceptional place. The landlocked lake is nearly four hundred meters below the sea level. Bathes will find it almost impossible to sink in the water. It’s due to the high concentration of salt in the water. A proportional increase in the buoyancy force causes bathers to float like a cork in water!
You will be amazed to see the white crystals of salts and minerals shining like diamonds on the shore. People, who have visited Dead Sea, recount their diving experiences with a smile later on. Care should be taken not to dive in the water without proper instructions from a guide. You need to have extensive experience to dive at your own. Even extra weights are used for safe a safe dive. You should be careful of the sinkholes around the area. Experienced guides have the correct information on matters pertaining to sinkholes and other dangers.
You should be in good enough shape to carry the large weight of over 65kg in the Dead Sea water. All this weight is because of the safety equipment that you need to carry along. There is only one company that provides assistance for aspirants willing to take a dive in the Dead Sea. This is a company based in Israel and you can reach them online. Within a few minutes, you will have all required information made available to you! You can take part in a two day event that includes preparations, lodging and meals as well.

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